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If you want better business results then you have to learn to do things differently. Revolutionise the way you think and behave and the results you get.

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Welcome to the Empowering Business Solutions (EmpBsol) Revolution. My name is Steve Crabb I am director head coach and principle trainer at EmpBsol, the coaching and training available to you here are not “normal” in the conventional sense and that’s a good thing, because what we do makes a real difference to the way you think, the way you behave and the way you do business and the results you create.

My aim with EmpBsol is to Revolutionise traditional ways of doing business by focusing first on YOU.

Who you are, what holds you back, what inspires and motivates you and then lets look at how to achieve your goals, hopes dreams and wishes.

More and more savvy business people recognise the value of having a business coach. Someone who can work with you as part of your professional support team, someone to bounce ideas off, to challenge your thinking and actions and who will bring new ways of thinking and behaving to the workplace. Coaching is results and outcomes oriented and I look to see the difference between before you start working with me and after that is the real measure of succsess. Read a few of the many testimonials that show just how valuable a difference business coaching and training makes.

NLP has been described as "the study of excellence." EmpBsol will assist you to go way beyond normalmy aim is to assist you to aspire to creating business excellence. 

For 15 years I have been coaching and training Internationally, having worked with 5000 people on a one-to-one basis and having coached 10's of 1000 of people from around the world I don't claim to know everything about business (although I do know an awful lot) but I do claim to know a lot about how humans think, feel and behave. As a MASTER TRAINER of NLP and a MASTER TRANSFORMATIVE Coach when you work with me you will be learning from someone who has worked with some of the most successful people in the world.

EmpBsol coaching and training programmes are designed to cater for the needs of business at all levels of an organisational structure; from the shop floor, middle management to senior executive level, from large to small and medium enterprises, sole traders and start ups.

"If you want to be the best then learn from the best and I regard Steve Crabb as one of the most talented coaches in the world. In this book he shares his depth and knowledge of business and coaching with humour and great generosity, it is jam packed with gems of wisdom. 

 If you are new to coaching this is a great place to start, if you are an experienced coach this book will take your game to a new level. If you are in business you will learn why coaching is becoming  recognized as the “must have profession" for anyone serious about taking your business to the level of absolute excellence. This book is required reading for everyone who is in coaching and business. However, it is certainly not for Dummies."

Paul McKenna Ph.D

 "I highly recommend Stephen Crabb. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is licensed Internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming"

Dr Richard Bandler  - Co Creator of NLP



Join the REVOLUTION...aspire to business excellence and making a difference...

Coaching and training programmes include:

  • NLP Business Practitioner Certification Course - A 7 day comprehensive training in business excellence. Learn More
  • Personal & Professional Excellence - A 3 day exploration in how to be your best. Learn More
  • Stress Management "The WellBeing at Work Formula" - A 1 day training in stress and emotional management. Learn More
  • Empowering Excellence Coaching Programmes - Effective 1-2-1 personal coaching sessions - Learn More
  • One Year Mentoring Programmes - For Entrepreneurs & Coaches who are serious about professional and personal success.


You will benefit from:

  • Increased self awareness and personal power; learn how to manage your thinking, your feelings and your behaviours in the most amazing of ways
  • The ability to remove limiting beliefs and fears that hold many people back in certain situations (e.g. presenting in public, sales presentations, board meetings, confronting issues with staff,)
  • Achieving higher levels of self-confidence and personal fulfillment in the work place.
  • Learning how to manage emotional states.
  • Learning how to become more 'outcome' focused; create clear goals with the motivation and persistence to achieve them.
  • Engaging in work with more passion and purpose
  • Becoming a better manager of yourself and other people.
  • Learning the secrets of persuasive and influential language.

If you are really curious about what can transform in your professional life, and how coaching will make your business GOALS, HOPES, WISHES, DREAMS and DESIRES a reality, then lets start by having a conversation. 

Steve Crabb

Master Trainer of NLP and Master Transformative Coach                                                              

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